My 3 favorite things about BA 180.1:

1. I like the fact that the course is not so technical and that I had a lot of fun learning them

2. I also like the part where the the course taught me how to think competitively. XD

3.  The best part about BA 180.1 are the group presentations and the insights I learned from them. 😀

My 3 not-so-favorite things about BA 180.1

1. Outdated computers (Digital divide during the lab sessions (Dannang, 2010)) . T_T

2. The exam (It was open notes but time was so constrained. XD)

3. The integration exercise (Stress to the max. haha. XD)

The 3 greatest lessons I’ve learned in BA 180.1

1. There is an ideal <insert noun here>, but since then since it is the ideal, people settle for the best, so be the best. XP

2. Technology could fail you bigtime, so you have to not forget that. >__<

3. Money is important but we should enjoy life