My 3 favorite things about BA 180.1:

1. I like the fact that the course is not so technical and that I had a lot of fun learning them

2. I also like the part where the the course taught me how to think competitively. XD

3.  The best part about BA 180.1 are the group presentations and the insights I learned from them. 😀

My 3 not-so-favorite things about BA 180.1

1. Outdated computers (Digital divide during the lab sessions (Dannang, 2010)) . T_T

2. The exam (It was open notes but time was so constrained. XD)

3. The integration exercise (Stress to the max. haha. XD)

The 3 greatest lessons I’ve learned in BA 180.1

1. There is an ideal <insert noun here>, but since then since it is the ideal, people settle for the best, so be the best. XP

2. Technology could fail you bigtime, so you have to not forget that. >__<

3. Money is important but we should enjoy life

1. confused but happy. XP

2. confusing, stressful (somewhat)

3. Mira- “kaya mo yan!”

4. either i’ll go to binondo or watch a movie or read a book then go to loverage. XD

5. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. hahaha



1. Ford
2. Home Makers; 14
3. water- 1.5
cement past -1
sand- 2
4. Antonio Evaraz

5. rawr

1. 8984

2. Dodsworth, 260

3. Produce, 136

4. Seafood, 18.11

5. Côte de Blaye

6. Meat/Poultry

7. Gorgonzola Telino, 280

8. New Orleans Cajun Delights, 70

9. 25.04

10. Manchester

*rawr. XD*

1. 965,440

2. 25

3. 9


5. 54,408.00


7. 25,537

1. 10:42am Wednesday (MSK) – Time in Moscow, Russian Federation

2. Franklin Nahtaniel “Frankie” Jonas is the fourth Jonas Brother


You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly lyrics by Loretta Lynn

4. 7

5. Jose Ma. “Bong” Panlilio


180.5178 meters

7. open order

8. Gary Oldman

9.  Répondez s’il vous plaît


125 Philippine pesos = 25 063.6792 Indonesian rupiahs

11. Alabany



14. 1555

15. Henry Sy

Have you ever stayed up all night until in the wee hours of the morning and you go to sleep and the next day, you wonder what you did all night?

I had a five page homework for my major and i wasn’t even half done yet by 9pm last night.  Instead of diving into my homework, i logged on at facebook and viola! it’s 11pm.  It was late and I was hungry so I ate.  Then I remember that Gossip Girl is now out and I can watch it online, of course, I loaded the page.  I dunno why but it took ages for the video to load.  I was determined to sleep at 3am so that I’ll be able to sleep for 3 hours at least.  But GG just won’t load! In the end, I stayed up until 4am just to be able to let the vid load.

Haha. sleep for only two hours really makes wonders! XD  I didn’t feel sleepy at all in any of my classes today. XD

But the strain is getting to me and now that I look back to it, I wasn’t able to do anything worthwhile last night. hahaha.


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